A moving checklist that works

Discover the Muevr Checklist, a free moving list to help you manage your next move with reminders, custom tasks, search assistance & much more.

How it works

Customized from the first day you start until the last box is unpacked...

We ask where you're moving from & where you're moving to...
Choose only the categories you want to follow...
...You're done!


Sent to your inbox or smartphone.


Create your own tasks.
Move tasks to any week.
Make notes & comments.


Related searches for all tasks.
Search Engine results for faster task research.


Share your tips & progress with the Muevr community, Facebook & Twitter.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."



Muevr is a residential moving startup based in Des Moines, Iowa.
We provide a wealth of free and premium tools to make your next move as smooth as possible.


Moving can be a complicated process and each person's situation is different.
Our goal is to build great tools to help and adapt to any situation.